The San Juan Islands

When I was born my mother was pregnant with me in Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. She was in labor for 31.5 hours and since I was taking my sweet time they put her on a plane and flew us to Bellingham, WA where I was born. I spent two days in Bellingham before being flown back to the island. Now you can probably guess that this whole ordeal meant that for most of my life, if my mother ever disapproved of what I did, that I heard this story about all she went through. Paired with these events I also heard of summers on the island, the wildlife and the sheer beauty of the San Juan Islands. I have wanted to return ever since.

Now 30 years later I finally had the opportunity to return and experience these majestic islands with my wife. We were able to meet up with old family friends, Brian and Cynthia Bingham, we camped in San Juan County park facing the water, and we saw every animal we were looking for at least twice.  I can’t express enough how much we enjoyed our trip and we will return again long before another 30 years pass away.