Dan & Andrea’s Wedding

My wife’s cousin recently was married and even though we were there as guests I was able to snap a few photos. Since these were just for fun, I decided to mess around with the new lightroom program and try some new techniques.  It was a very fun wedding and it was nice to take pictures in a more relaxed environment for a change.

20130601_7D_2605 20130601_7D_2746 20130601_7D_2755-3 20130601_7D_2770-3 20130601_7D_2818-320130601_7D_2899 20130601_7D_2934 20130601_7D_3038 20130601_7D_3088  20130601_7D_311120130601_7D_3131 20130601_7D_3085 20130601_7D_3441 20130601_7D_3465 20130601_7D_3479

2 thoughts on “Dan & Andrea’s Wedding

  1. Dianne Garcia says:

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you for capturing the moment. I’m Dan’s Mom.

  2. Cherryl Greene says:

    Great photos Andrew! You really captured the happiness of that day. Love the effects you’re playing with. I’m Andrea’s aunt on her Dad’s side…you know Auntie Cherryl! 😮 )

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