Welcome to my personal portfolio, here you’ll find all the stuff I make that couldn’t entirely justify putting on my other websites. I’ve tried to show a good collection of my work but there are still many pieces of art and other things that I have yet to take proper photographs of.

Artist Statement:
I believe all art matters. Some creations may reach a wide audience and other art may reach practically no one. It’s value however is not attached to the art itself but the act and interpretation of the art. When a piece of artwork is viewed it is something entirely different to each viewer and that is critically important. Art communicates experiences and strengthens internal understanding. Art that only you see helps you grow as an artist which is just as valuable in the context of artistic growth as any famous work of art you have at any time viewed. I like to think of art as an experience. Is your artistic experience less important because only you experience it? Or is it somehow more special because it strengthens your understanding of the act of creating and allows you to further your craft? I choose to believe that the audience doesn’t create artistic value. However, they participate in the experience and drive consumption. The greatest value of art is in my mind is primarily inherent with the creation and gives strength to the creator before it can ever do anything else. I don’t believe it is reasonable to stop creating art in an attempt to wait for your audience to arrive. So in that way all of the art you create propels you to create the artwork of your future self and in that capacity all of it matters. I believe in creating without artificial restrictions in all available mediums and for any audience.

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