My Dodge Tradesman

I’ve been working on restoring this van for a few years. It’s been slow work since it’s my first project of this type and I’ve never really considered myself a mechanic. I’m hoping to make a lot of progress on it this summer so I’m going to start posting a bit about the process. Here […]

Origami Car

I’m in the process of updating my portfolio with lots of new work but in the meantime I figured I’d share some old news. I was cast to do 3 commercials a while back but somehow they never made it to my portfolio. I think it’s about time I shared the story.

Two Gallery Shows This Month

I was asked to provide some artwork for the Portland Timbers’ Green & Gold gallery event on Alberta this month. I have two pieces hanging in the Talisman Gallery until the end of March. Look for “Inordinate Fondness” hanging right in front of the window and a mixed media print of “Dinosaurs in a Portland […]

Christmas Ornaments

I’ve been able to spend a little time in my shop getting familiar with my lathe. These little ornaments are the first in a series I’m working on for a new project.